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  • Saya tertarik mencoba aplikasi nutapos, bagaimana caranya ?
    Silahkan download aplikasi kasir nutapos dengan handphone/ tablet android di playstore, lalu registrasi dan kamu bisa menikmati masa uji coba gratis selama 14 hari. Selama masa uji coba semua fitur bisa dicoba. Setelah masa uji coba berakhir tim penjualan kami akan menghubungi kamu untuk menawarkan dukungan layanan penuh agar kamu tetap bisa mendapatkan keuntungan lebih dari produk nutapos.
  • I have 2 business outlets, can nutapos accommodate them?
    Of course you can, nutapos can accommodate more than 1 outlet, and all of these outlets will later be connected to one nutacloud account so you can see all outlets with only one account.
  • How can nutapos help my business?
    The Nutapos application is installed on an Android tablet/mobile phone, then placed on the counter and used by the cashier. When there is a buyer shopping at the outlet, the cashier is required to input the sales transaction at Nutapos, the receipt will automatically be printed on the printer. Because the cashier has inputted sales transactions, business owners can monitor business turnover directly from home with a mobile phone.
  • If I subscribe to nutapos, do I get training?
    Of course you will get training from our technical support team. If your location is far from our office, we provide online training by zoom/gmeet.
  • How many types of nutapos products are there?
    2 types, namely the tablet version and the mobile version
  • What is the difference between nutapos and other products?
    Nutapos provides 2 usage schemes: Subscription scheme per month/ year Scheme per transaction charged to outlet customers Other products only provide monthly/yearly subscription schemes.
  • Can nutapos run on a windows computer?
    I can't. Nutapos can only run on Android tablets or mobile phones.
  • What are the advantages of nutpos?
    Nutapos has a clean screen but is rich in features and very easy to use even for laymen.
  • What is Nutpos?
    Nutapos is an online cashier application that runs on android tablets/mobile phones that was created to simplify and speed up bookkeeping for culinary business for UKM class in Indonesia.
  • Does nutapos have to always be connected to the internet?
    You don't have to. Nutapos can still be used even when you're offline/no internet, (except digital payments) so you can still serve customers even if the internet/wifi is off. Don't worry, when the internet is back on, the data will automatically sync to the cloud/ server/
  • My business is retail, is nutapos suitable?
    Not suitable. Currently, nutapos is designed for culinary businesses such as food stalls, coffee shops, coffeeshops, food courts, food trucks, beverage/food franchises, food/beverage carts and other culinary types.
  • What are the benefits of nutapos for my business?
    Natapos Advantages: 1) Save operational costs, because there is no need to recruit bookkeeping admin staff with high salary rates or more than one admin staff 2) Increase business turnover, because features in nutapos are proven to be able to make customers come back to shop at outlets 3) Increase cashier productivity, because bookkeeping is automated so cashiers have plenty of free time to do other work 4) The business doesn't leak stock anymore because every incoming and outgoing material is automatically recorded in the stock report 5) Increase business profits, because it can accept all popular digital payments in Indonesia. Don't lose turnover anymore.
  • Can nutapos run on iOS?
    I can't. Nutapos can only run on Android tablets and mobile phones.
  • What are the benefits of nutapos for my business?
    Benefits of nutapos : 1) Speed up sales calculations at the cashier's desk 2) Assist business owners in monitoring their business growth remotely and can be accessed via mobile phones anywhere and anytime 3) Eliminate unnecessary work, namely making sales reports, stock reports and profit and loss reports, all of these reports have been made automatically by the system in nutapos 4) Reducing or even eliminating fraud that may occur in business bookkeeping 5) Helps store business transaction data into a secure database and without volume limitations
  • Does nutapos provide a free trial facility?
    Of course. Free trial available for 14 days. during the trial all features can be tried.
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